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We are in the 50 now, but began to share with friends on our years of 20 years. I was in the army then, and had many friends in the Old Married, and most of the games we have at home the other is in the mini- orgies. When he finally left the army, we meet other couples and have sex with them. They had separated Then one night an old friend from the days of our Army is going through our city, and called in. He and his wife, but I knew that Joan (my wife) believed it, and was caught in many of our brainstorming sessions. So began our first threesome. xnxxmovies We had drinks, and the air was electric with sexual tension. Nothing was sexually so I grabbed Joan 's skirt to her waist and asked if Pete seemed a bit of this. Joan complained. "Oh, yes," His arms around Pete 's neck and kissed quickly, as they themselves have been starved of each other. My cock was as hard as it always had been, as I knelt behind her and pulled her panties to her feet. They came outhem t xnxxmovies as she stood behind her and my arms around his waist. One of the competing hands feeling on top of her bare breasts. The other was in the ass, she moved to her. I bent down and started to finger her pussy. She was soaked. I could feel the outline of his hard cock in the palm of my hand while playing with her ​​clit. My cock jumped even harder. I wanted more than anything now its fall hard cock in her pussy